At 5pm Singapore local time on 18 October 2017,  the German Red Dot Award Ceremony which acclaimed as “Design Oscar”,was held at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore.

Mr. Gu Teng, Founder and Chief Designer of Or, led his team to attend the Award Ceremony, and scooped two Design Concept Awards for Or. Tii Table won the crown jewel of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept – Best of the Best, comparable to the Best Picture category in the Academy Award.

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2017 Award Ceremony

Founder and Chief Designer of Or Mr Gu Teng and his design team

Founded by Design Zentrum, the Red Dot Award is one of the world's three major design awards,  alongside the "iF Award" in Germany and the “IDEA Award" in the United States.  It has enjoyed a history of more than 60 years, attracting thousands of designers and works around the globe to compete every year. It is arguably the biggest and most influential design competition in the world.

Professor Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, with the Or team

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2017 has attracted 4,724 entries from 54 countries and districts, with 43 being honoured Red Dot: Best of the Best – lower than 1% of the total entries. Just like its founder Professor Peter Zec observes: “Only those few works with exceptional creativity and design quality could win the Red Dot: Best of the Best.

For its in-depth understanding of human nature and exceptional design, Or's tii Table and im Chair stand out from a great many excellent works. Or took the stage to accept the award.

The tii table and im chair

will be showcased at the Red Dot Museum Singapore,

together with hundreds of award-winning works from the globe.

If you happens to be in the Garden City,

why not walk into

the building where the effort and soul of numerous top designers converges?

And listen to the voice of design around the globe.

Or is making a voice.