“We overlook an important element - our heart. That is the origin of everything. ”

Gu Teng, Founder & Chief Designer of Or, iF Communication Design Gold Award winner

Or(Original relationship) was founded in 2015.

Through intuition, Or unearths and expresses the most touching facet in human nature hidden behind life's representation.


Instinctive, unpretentious and does not demand perfection. Just like a spontaneous smile, inadvertent but sexy.

Design should not merely be the organisation of linearity and materials, but the interaction between personal perception and life experience. It is intuition that reconnects products, people and life.


Wood has the fibre of soil. Cotton has the tenderness of sunshine. Object has its inherent talent. People are born to be different. Remove complicated and superfluous decoration, respect the inherent talent of objects, and return to the innate warmth of life.

The echo of life

When you sit down, and a sense of warmth wraps you up, it is when a work is done.

People and objects, along with time and space enjoy invisible resonance and convection, together they ignite emotion and create memory.

We call such invisible convection: echo.