“We overlook an important element - our heart. 
That is the origin of everything. 
— Gu Teng, Founder & Chief Designer of Or, iF Communication Design Gold Award winner

Or (Original relationship)was founded in 2015. It is a home living brand which centres on original design, integrates designer resources at home and abroad and aims at creating brand-new urban living experience for those seeking out an ideal life.

“Design is not only the organisation of aesthetics and materials, but also the interaction between the needs of this era and people's hope for a beautiful experience.”

In the era of 'big data', 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'aesthetic stereotype', Or encourages people to listen to their heart, think out of the box, perceive life with intuition and discover the most touching dimension in human nature.

With “intuitive design” as its underpinning, Or's inspiration originates from its subtle observation of human's unconscious behaviours and the way of life generated by the Internet. It breaks the mould of rational rigidness and presents an imaginative life.

Or focuses on relaxed and simple design, which allows consumers to appreciate designers' in-depth understanding about functional details and user habits. As a result, Or home products bring users back to their original life in a warm and relaxed manner.

We do not stop at functional design. We respect how products “behave” in a home environment and looks forward to exploring that intuitively with the consumers.